Guess what came out of the mud?


I have arrived. I am home. I have arrived. I am home.

These are the words of a powerful meditation described by the legendary Thich Nhat Hahn, Vietnamese Buddhist leader and author. Of his many books, I found these in “No Mud, No Lotus.”

No kidding.

There’s been a lot of mud described here in the last few posts, so I thought I’d describe a Lotus that bloomed in Washington DC recently.

I have arrived. I am home.

These are the words now blooming deep inside my heart after my visit to DC, lifted up by the support of my wonderful work family for the past 20 years.

Home is where family is. Home is where people care about your happiness, and you care about their’s. Home is a place where you feel like you matter.

Fortunate to have a warm, loving home in Seattle, I returned after several months working remotely to the presence of my old colleagues and my Virginia friends and family. Fundraising for the Run/Walk MS event in April, I had tossed out an email to the firm. Within a couple of days, almost $19,000 rolled in — donations from partners to secretaries — people at every level of the organization. Within a week, the total was over $34,000. And while counting money as a measure of anything is always dangerous and imperfect, I feel like there was a message. In fact the message was actually said and sent in words, time and time again.

I have arrived. I am home.

That powerful meditation described by Thich Nhat Hahn was a walking meditation. Mine won’t always be walking, but it is powerful just the same.

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