11:17 am


Sitting at my desk, I can feel them watching me. They lie low and out of my sight which is focused on my computer. But I know that they’re watching. I even know what they’re thinking. My dogs are thinking “will he ever get up from the chair and go somewhere else so that something interesting might happen.”  No. Not now. Not here and now. ‘

In this moment I am taking a break from looking at work emails. I am sitting.  I have good energy. I am cooled by a fan sitting a few feet behind me and blowing directly on my back, supplementing our central air-conditioning.  Sun streaming in from the windows across the stairs joins the artificial light in the ceiling above me. It’s perfectly bright Outside, it is a beautiful, sunny but very hot day. It’s 11:17 am. 

I was thinking about work until just now when I started thinking about here and now. It’s a minute in which I’m not fatigued, not struggling in the bathroom, and not limping along with my walker in the house trying not to fall. Those times are in motion, harder though not Impossible to really be in them. 

Here and now, I feel good. The faces of family smile down on me from the wall where pictures are hung. I am wearing a polo shirt and a pair of shorts and my Bioness device on my knee so that when I do walk, I can lift my left toe.

I can feel myself breathing and I can almost hear or feel my mind smiling.  Honoring the here and now infuses a measure of the sacred. This is where I am. This is who and where I was meant to be.  All this from a moment that occurs every day.  Really nothing at all.  Or, maybe it’s everything.

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