The Master in the Kitchen

Every six weeks, my beautiful wife transforms our house for a religious experience. A special rug is placed in a sacred room ,and a chair is placed on top of the rug  The rug is rolled out carefully and weighted down with talisman weights of a certain shape. The chair is positioned just so in the middle of the rug.

The house is cleaned even more than usual to a state of perfect preparedness.  And then the day begins when the master arrives. She and her followers are the focus of the experience.  Once she is set up, the day proceeds with her doing her magic upon person after person who come each six weeks to sit for a sacred hour in the special chair. Often others will arrive and wait their turn, talking about their lives and about what had happened in the last six weeks.

Sometimes friendships are formed and sometimes tears are shed. But the conversation with the person in the sacred chair is the focus of the room always, and the conversation about what is happening in the chair is the unspoken focus around which everything centers.

The chair is orange, a plastic chair from the upstairs study, but every six weeks it becomes the chair that holds the hope, fear, joy, and aspirations of every participant in this ritual. Master uses special tools to work her craft, and these tools are found in many places but do not work the same magic until wielded by the master. Her careful work transforms the people who sit. It renews their faith in their own worthiness and attractiveness. It allows them to dream and to change who they are during that one sacred hour.

If you have not yet guessed what art the master is working, I will tell you. I will tell you with the reverence that it deserves, a reverence that is often lost in our weary world.  The master is a hairstylist.

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