The Swallow Battle

In the hospital for some impatient physical therapy, I suddenly spiked a high fever. The doctors told me and Lisa that it was pneumonia.  They also said that they thought it wras caused by me aspiratsng into my trachea when I swallow. An x-ray movie confirmed this. You could see the barium nectar that they gave me going right down my windpipe.  It happened on every swallow.

I never knew that this kind of swallowing problem was a thing at all, much less something caused by MS. The doctor said that the muscle that controls the route of the food has been weakened by MS.  

I was not ready to hear about the remedy that they prescribed:

all my food and drink from now on needed to be nectar thick, including water and any other drinks. There  are thickening agents that you can buy for drinks Feed neededto be puréed or of equivalent consistency. You have to cough each time you swallow in an attempt to clear the airway. Next step was a feeding tube they said.  

I am 51 years old. I knew that MS could take almost everything away, but I never thought it would take away eating  and drinking regular food and drinks.

I assumed that because my MS is progressive, this swallowing problem would never get better. To my surprise, three weeks later when they did a another swallowing test with the x-ray video, No liquid  went down my larynx. I have been faithfully doing the exercises the therapists prescribed: swallowing with your tongue in your teeth. doing a hard swallow you bear down with all your might as you swallow.So I’m back in two normal life again. I can eat almost anything except salad’s and crunchy Fruits with skins on them.  i am very grateful to be excellent Therapists at the University of Washington’s

MS didn’t win this battle

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