No pain No pain

At Thanksgiving  I am grateful for several gifts that I have been given.The first is that the  pain sometimes  caused  bt MS me at.yet  you’renerves yet.yetlike that electrical wires, you could imagine the kind of pain this could cause. Many people with MS suffered terribly from pain. Not this fortunate man.   As you read in my last post, I am also very glad to have my ability to eat returns. Just in time for Thanksgiving.

And above all, I am grateful form for my Wise, strong, and Beautiful wife and wonderful Children and so many supportive friends. Happy Thanksgiving  

One thought on “No pain No pain

  1. John Greenman Greenman

    Gil, your return home and ability to swallow and celebrate Thanksgiving are right at the top of our list of things we’re grateful for. The fact that you’re also pain free is another huge reason to be thankful. We appreciate your courage and persistence in sticking with your treatment; so that you could recover your ability to eat and be present with your family again. You will be present in our thoughts every day. Love, Dad and Patty


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